Body fat calculator

What is body fat

This calculator helps you find out how many percent of your weight is body fat. This is standard U.S. navy calculation used for men and women. There is no downside of having low body fat percentage.

Why to have low percentage of body fat?
  • you feel better
  • you look better
  • you are healthier

Your body fat is: {{bodyFatResult}}%

How to reduce your body fat

Do cardio workout in the morning on empty stomach
Doing it in the morning is the equivalent of one and half cardio workout later that day.

Stop eating sweets
Sugar is a very addictive compound. It also have a serious heath risks. Take a sugar detox. Try to not eat any white free sugar for three weeks, than your craving for sweets decreases.

Change your live style
Use your bike or your foot instead of your car as often as you can.

Body fat formulas

Body fat formula for men
\( x = \dfrac{495}{(1.0324 - 0.19077 \cdot \log_{10}(waist - neck) + 0.15456 \cdot \log_{10}(height)} - 450 \)
Body fat formula for women
\( x = \dfrac{495}{1.29579 - 0.35004 \cdot \log_{10}(waist + hip - neck) + 0.221 \cdot \log_{10}(height)} - 450 \)